How We Help


We provide services, custom tailored to your business, leveraging best practice approaches. We measure our results to ensure that we overcome the challenges inherent in technology creation and support.

We have some advantages

  1. We intentionally keep our business small and only accept elite clients. Elite clients have excellent culture. Culture drives results. This filter helps us have a high success rate.

  2. When we bring on talent, we are aware of the “physics” of technology teams as discovered and popularized by Price, Spolsky, Bezos. We field tiny teams staffed with the top talent in the world. This has an outsize effect on success.

  3. We have had the fortune to work with some of the most effective teams in the world. We found that their culture was the secret of their success. Where we were able, we replicated our favorite aspects of their culture and integrated them into our culture of integrity, clarity, curiosity, and service.