Our Approach


What is it like to work with us?

We engage in a model that avoids the perverse incentives of consulting, blending into your business seamlessly.

Work begins when you describe your objectives in the normal language of your business. We reflect back to you possible approaches that meet your constraints and achieve your goals. We tune this definition together until we agree on what to build. Then we publish a plan and begin to execute it. You will see your objectives achieved in rapid small steps that each provide gratifying value to your organization.

You will see technology ship faster, software and devices that look less like enterprise software and more like no-training-needed consumer technologies.

We will engage with stakeholders and experts inside your business, professionally, delightfully.

You will reliably receive executive-level status that clearly describes the state of the project and projects in time any risks to future milestones and deliverables. We run transparently so you can monitor and participate in our internal collaboration all day, every day.

First Contact

The most likely reason we are talking is that a client recommended us. We only have clients we trust and we have found that trust to be transitive to others. As a result, our model is that we simply engage with you and start helping define the opportunity and approach. Our experience is that the potential for working together will define itself quickly - in a matter of a few weeks.

Contact us. Tell us how you heard about us.

Then we will have a brief conversation - usually a half hour via video conference.

If we both see a potential path forward, we will typically fly someone out to meet with you for a quick deep dive into your goals and constraints.

After that, we will reflect what we heard, and a first draft of what we believe you need to do. We will describe several possible paths forward.

We will keep this going as long as needed to get clarity on what we both want to do.

At some point, the nature of what our partnership should be becomes obvious to you, and us, and we start working together.

When we find that we are not a match for our potential clients, we endeavor to leave them with greater insight and, where possible, with a referral to talent or a different team that is a better fit.